Adella "Dee Dee" Jones
Special Agent
NC Department of the Secretary of State

This year will mark my 40th year in law enforcement.  My career began on August 8, 1977 with the Onslow County Sheriff's Department.  I had just turned 20 years old the month before, and was excited to embark on the career of my dreams.  When I first started with the Sheriff's Department there were no
females, and there was no formal training.  I had to buy my own weapon and was asked by the Sheriff if I had any objections to wearing skirts, as that would be part of my uniform.  (Note:  I showed up for my interview in a 70's three piece pantsuit.  I believe that is what prompted the Sheriff's question)
On the day I actually began work as a Deputy Sheriff, I was handed the keys to a patrol car and told to go to work.  A few years later I attended BLET and graduated at the top of my class, academically (in spite of the fact that the male officers were allowed to go home after class, but I was required to "fill in" every day except Sunday on the phones or in the dispatch room).  After over 12 years with the Sheriff's Department I was recruited to the Jacksonville Police Department and within two years I was assigned as the only female to a newly formed "Street Crimes Unit".  Approximately one year later I was promoted to Detective and assigned to the Special Operations Division (Narcotics and Vice).  I believe it was 1994 when I was promoted to Sergeant and was assigned as supervisor over the Street Crimes Unit that I had previously worked in. 

In 1996 after a grueling promotion process I was promoted to Commander.  I was only the second female in the history of the Jacksonville Police Department (JPD) to obtain that rank.  The NCLEWA is familiar with the first female JPD Officer to hold that rank, she was Donna Waters.  In late 1996, I became  a single mother of three children, and in 1998 Chief Donna Waters recruited me to Zebulon Police Department.  At Zebulon PD I served as the Juvenile Detective and School Resource Officer.  In late 1999 Chief Waters left Zebulon PD and returned to RDU International Police Department as their Chief (she was previously their Assistant Chief before going to Zebulon), and in February 2000 Chief Waters recruited me once again, but this time to the Raleigh Durham International Airport Police Department as a Detective.  I was later promoted to Detective Sergeant and assigned to supervise the Investigations Division.  During my career at RDU PD I was honored to be elected as the Region 6 Chairperson for the  North Carolina Criminal Information Exchange group (NCCIX) from 2005 - 2007.  I am extremely proud to say that during my time our Region became the largest and most attended in the State (free Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee might have helped a little with that accomplishment).  

In 2004 and again in 2006 I was elected Chaplain and served on the Executive Board of the North Carolina Internal Affairs Investigators Association (NCIAIA).  In 2007 and again in 2009 I was elected Treasurer and served on the Executive Board of the NCIAIA.  During this same period I was also elected Treasurer and served on the Executive Board of the National Internal Affairs Investigators Association (NIAIAI).  On September 10, 2007 I was extremely humbled when I was presented with the Anthony W. Previtte Award from NCCIX/SBI.  Each year the award was given to one recipient from a group of candidates from across the state in recognition of what the NCCIX organization members described as outstanding  participation and enthusiasm for the mission of NCCIX.  The award is named after Anthony W. Previtte who epitomized what NCCIX stood for, and always dedicated himself to furthering the exchange of information between agencies at all levels in an effort to combat crime and apprehend criminals.  From 2007 to 2009 I served on the Executive Board of NCCIX as State Treasurer.  In March 2009 I received a Capitol Citation from Secretary of State Elaine Marshall in recognition of my work with the SOS Department in an enforcement operation that stopped counterfeit goods from coming into the area through the RDU Airport, and in August of 2009 I received the NCIAIA Professional Standards Award given in recognition of dedication, commitment, and valued contributions to the success of the NCIAIA. 

I retired in 2009 after 32 years of service, but remained a reserve officer with RDU PD where I continued to work until November 2009 when I began my second career with the NC Department of the Secretary of State as a Special Agent.  In 2011 I was assigned as lead investigator on the UNC-CH case involving violations of North Carolina's Uniform Athlete Agent Act.  The investigation has resulted in the first charges ever filed in North Carolina under the ACT making history and paving the way for the arrest of six individuals to date.  The initial case and related cases continue.  I continue to serve the citizens of the great State of North Carolina to this date.
Dee Dee

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