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  • 02/03/2018 9:33 AM | Anonymous member

    The Town of Leland is recruiting for 2 Full Time Police Officer and 1 Part Time Police Officer positions.  The job posting can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

    Full-time Patrol Officer

    Part-time Patrol Officer

    Please share the above links with anyone you know who meets the minimum requirements of the position and may be interested in applying.

  • 06/22/2016 5:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Please follow the link if you are interested or know anyone interested in applying at Greenville Police Department.

  • 02/09/2016 10:15 AM | Anonymous member

    Location: Huntersville, NC 

    Starting Salary: $37, 787 plus incentives for in-town residency, education, bilingual capability, training and experience.

    General Statement of Duties:

    Performs a variety of law enforcement work to protect life and property in the Town.

     Distinguishing Features of the Class: 

    • Employees in this class perform a full range of law enforcement duties designed to partner with the public to prevent and detect crime, address public safety issues, and respond to the needs of citizens.  Work includes public education, responding to calls, traffic control, accident investigations, patrol duties, crime prevention, community relations, investigations, school resources, DARE programs, K-9 programs and other related activities.  Officers work as part of a team, analyzing crime statistics and other law enforcement data, setting goals and priorities, establishing individual projects consistent with team goals and accountability for criminal and traffic incidents that occur during work time as well as project outcomes and progress on team goals.  Work involves significant independent judgment and initiative.  Work also involves frequent public contact with requires exercising collaboration, conflict management, situation control, and decisiveness.  The public contact functions also include development and maintenance of rapport with citizens and community leaders.  Work is performed in accordance with departmental vision, mission, values, principles and policies and State and Federal law.  Work is often performed under stressful emergency conditions and frequently involves personal hazards.  The employees are subject to hazards associated with law enforcement including working in both inside and outside environments and exposure to various hazards such as various atmospheric conditions, noise, vibration and physical conditions.  Employees are also subject to the final OSHA standards on blood borne pathogens and may be required to work in close quarters.  Work is performed under the general supervision of Police Sergeants and/or Lieutenants and evaluated through observation, review of reports, statistical and incident accountability, and discussion concerning how particular incidents or activities were handles, and community acceptance and response.

    Duties and Responsibilities: 

    • Develops knowledge of neighborhoods, businesses, people and issues in an assigned geographic area of the Town; involves community in identifying the special nature of the area, citizen problems, analyzing crime patterns and focal points and developing strategies in collaboration with citizens designed to prevent crime and address problems; establishes projects and monitors statistics using SARA method.
    • Independently patrols streets in a police car or on foot; develops and maintains working rapport with citizens and community leaders in assigned neighborhoods; checks doors and windows; examines premises of unoccupied residences or buildings; detects unusual conditions, maintains surveillance and observation for stolen cars, missing persons or suspects; reports dangerous or defective streets, sidewalks, traffic lights or other hazardous conditions.
    • Responds independently to calls for assistance, complaints, suspicious activity, domestic disputes, loud and disruptive behavior, etc.; completes calls by determining true nature of the situation and taking whatever legal or persuasive action is warranted.
    • Investigates traffic accidents; issues traffic citations; directs traffic and participates in other emergency or special event operation activities.
    • Creates special educational, enforcement or other programs focused on neighborhood needs; works with media, public officials, and other enforcement agencies or carry out special programs.
    • Prepares lesson plans, conducts classes and creates effective relationships with students in assigned schools for DARE or other programs and activities.
    • Performs investigations of accidents and possible crimes through observation, questioning witnesses and others in the community and gathering physical evidence; performs investigative tasks, arrests and processes criminal suspects.
    • Conducts investigations of criminal cases including felonies; gathers and processes physical evidence; prepares cases in consultation with district attorney’s office; testifies in trials; performs narcotics, juvenile, arson, computer forensics, crime scene technology and other specialized investigations.
    • Option to serve as School Resources Officer; establishes rapport with students, staff and faculty; prepares and presents lesson plans on government, criminal justice system, drugs, safe driving, etc.; assists faculty with student discipline; attends extra curricular events to provide security and promote relationship building.
    • Operates a radio to receive information from or to report information to police headquarters.
    • Option to serve as K-9 Officer maintaining trained and ready animal; takes command of incidents in which animal is used for tracking, searching for narcotics, building and evidence searches or other needs.
    • Option to serve as a field training officer when needed for new officers.
    • Prepares records and reports on activities.
    • Performs additional job duties as required.


    Lack of BLET certification can be reason for exclusion from process.

    *Pay based on minimum salary plus applicable incentives as approved by adopted salary augmentation program.

    Recruitment and Selection Guidelines:

    ·         Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    ·         Moral Character

    ·         Past experience relating to community interaction and engagement

    ·         Considerable knowledge of the vision, mission, principles, goals and values of the department, knowledge of the SARA and Community Oriented Policing models.

    Recruiting video:


    Minimum Standards for Employment

    To become a sworn officer with the Huntersville Police Department, you must…

    ·         Be a United States citizen;

    ·         Be 21 years of age upon completion of basic law enforcement training;

    ·         Not have been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor;

    ·         Have a valid North Carolina drivers license;

    ·         Have earned a high school diploma or GED; and

    ·         Be financially responsible

    Job Posting Open until Filled

    The Town of Huntersville and The Huntersville Police Department are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    To apply please submit a resume to:                                                        

    Huntersville Police Department
    Attention: Recruiting
    9630 Julian Clark Ave.
    Huntersville, North Carolina 28078


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